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Five Outdoor Adventures to Go On This Summer

Who’s ready for an adventure? Summer is almost here making it the perfect time to plan a trip. Whether you prefer water or land, there are so many options across the United States for every interest and skill level. Plan, pack and get ready to take on the outdoors at one of these favorite spots.

  1. Mountain climbing at Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
    There are climbing opportunities for all levels at the Rocky Mountain National Park, from bouldering to mountaineering. Just remember, it’s important for climbers to have the appropriate permits if necessary. To get the full experience, check out the camping grounds, which all open in the summer: Glacier Basin, Moraine Park and Timber Creek.
    Pricing: Varies—entrance to the park and campsite fee.
  2. White water rafting on Nenana River Canyon at Denali National Park, Alaska
    Venture to Alaska’s Denali Park to experience millions of acres of open land, mountains, wildlife and more. While visiting, there are camping options and the chance to take on white water rafting. Whether you want to paddle yourself or just hold on, every level of adventurer is welcome. All equipment is provided, so get yourself to Alaska and into a raft.
    Pricing: $99.00 Adults / $49.50 Children for tour
  3. Canyon River Adventure at Grand Canyon, Arizona
    The variety of gorges, ridges and rock formations can make viewing the Grand Canyon an adventure to never forget. With all of the options of hiking tours, rafting and more, it can be difficult for a person to experience the Grand Canyon from all aspects. However, the Canyon River Adventure incorporates activities in the air and on water and land.
    Pricing: $394.00 Adults / $374.00 Children for tour
  4. Surfing at Newport Beach, California
    Take your summer adventure to the West Coast with surfing in the OC. Avoid wipeouts and get prepared to catch a wave with private or group surf lessons at the Newport Surf Camp. After you learn how to shred waves, there are other outdoor activities to keep you entertained from paddle boarding to whale watching.
    Pricing: Lessons vary based on group and private rates
  5. Off-Highway Vehicle Riding, ATV Trails Moab, Utah
    In Moab, there are backcountry trails and opportunities to go on an experienced group tour. The trails vary from easy scenic drives to the most extreme trails for adrenaline seekers. It is crucial to know the permits required and the directions of the trails, though. There are also a lot of activities and lodging options for when adventurers are not ATVing. Whether you want to camp or stay in a hotel, go hot air ballooning or skydiving, the adventure never ends.
    Pricing: Varies based on activities

From land to sea and swimsuits to boots, the U.S. is filled with adventures and experiences to last a lifetime. Pick a place and start planning to assure that the best options are available for when and where you want to go. If you want a close by adventure, each state has a lot of these different options too for a nice staycation.

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