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5 Camping Tips for Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July weekend is a great time to celebrate America's independence and kick back and enjoy the long nights of summer. You don’t always have to settle for a backyard BBQ; switch up the fun and take your party on location with a camping trip this year. We've compiled five quick tips for you to make your weekend as fun and relaxing as possible when you leave the comforts of home.

  1. Get to Planning
    The Fourth is a fun holiday to get together with family and friends. The casual nature of the weekend may not seem like something that requires planning, but it’s important to figure out the details of lodging, transportation and who’s going when dealing with an influx of people traveling out of town. Proper planning and research of campsites will help ensure you and your crew are happy with the final destination.
  2. The Perfect Spot
    There are so many options to choose from when finding a campsite. Various factors should go into your decision such as distance to facilities, the lake, or activity centers for the kids, After determining where and what you want to do, it will be easier to narrow down the list. Don’t be scared to pick a lesser known campground, this could be your avenue for less crowds and more relaxation! Whether you want a lively campground or quiet getaway, campers should reserve a spot right after they choose their ideal location.
  3. Getting There
    Unless you have an RV, the vehicle you take matters. Make a list of what you plan to take, sort through what you can live without and then determine how much room you have. If you’re packing a lot of things that could spoil or be effected by weather conditions, an SUV is a great option to cover the cargo and provide climate control. Likewise, if the items you are transporting are bulky and heavy, a truck may be the better option.
  4. Red, White, Blue & Food
    Grilling is an essential part of camping and is an even bigger deal when it comes to the Fourth. First, it’s necessary to decide what food works best for all of the people with you. Next, determine what will be needed to maintain that food during the length of the trip and anything needed to cook it. Most sites have grills, but doublecheck with the one you chose to see if there are any special rules for serving up your hot dogs and hamburgers.
  5. Fireworks
    Fireworks are the main event at any Independence Day celebration. This rite of passage can be such a great family excursion when you experience the stress-free role of a spectator, instead of setting them off in your own backyard. Make sure your location is planning on a good show during your stay, and if not, check the regulations to see if you can set off some sparklers of your own at your campsite.

Whether you decide to hit the road toward the campground or plan a staycation, there are many ways to celebrate our nation’s most patriotic day. Remember to be prepared, be safe and have fun!

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