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Top Three Bow Hunting Tips

From state fairs to football, it’s clear that fall is almost here. With cooler weather approaching, it’s never too soon to think about bow season. It is time to work on your form, check to see if your equipment is functioning and assure that all laws are followed. If practice makes perfect and preparation is key, it is time to get ready. Don’t let fantasy football be the only points you earn this fall.

Follow these three bow hunting tips for a successful season:

  1. Get a grip
    It’s important that your form is on point. Even the best equipment can’t make up for a hunter’s poor form. First, find which stance works best with your body, then check to see if your body and torso position is correct. Finally, perfect your grip on the bow. Without proper form, hunters can face inconsistent shooting and have a difficult time tuning their equipment.
  2. Make that equipment effective
    Now that your form is solid, the next thing on the to do list is fixing equipment. It doesn’t matter if your bow is a new Halon or one that you’ve had for years, effective equipment is needed for successful shooting. After getting the bow out, it’s important to first check the cables and strings that may have wear and tear, and stretched over the year. Simple fixes like checking the cables to aligning the peep can be done at home. For the do-it-yourself hunters, using a Bow Press tool can help with bow repairs or if you are on the go. If the fix for the bow is too difficult, then visit the local bow shop.
  3. Laws are meant to be followed
    Rules and regulations are always changing and it is the hunters’ responsibility to keep up with the laws. Hunters who are not well informed are putting themselves and others at risk. The information and changes on regulations are easy to find on each state’s department of fish and wildlife resources.

With all of the resources available on the Internet, to visiting bow shops, bow hunters can make the upcoming hunting season as successful as they want. Get a grip, fix the equipment and follow the laws, it’s almost time for bow season.

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