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5 Ways to Get Ready for Deer Season

Fall is officially here, which means cooler weather, Thanksgiving and most importantly, deer season. Get your tree stands out, your gear bought and start scouting for hunting spots. Bragging rights matter, so it’s time to get ready. Be the best when it comes time to comparing scores at Friendsgiving.

Check out these five tips on how to get ready for deer season:

  1. No odor, no problem:
    If your clothes and body scent overwhelm the deer, then you will ruin the chances of even having them enter your area. First, it’s important to shower with scent-free soap before going out to hunt. Companies like Code Blue provide scent elimination spray, body wash and laundry detergent.
  2. Educate yourself on the area:
    It’s important to know where you’ll be located and the details of the area. Is this even a good area to hunt? Visit the location and if it seems like a good spot then take dirt and leaves from it. Before the hunt, include them with the clothes and gear you plan on taking. By scouting the area you will be prepared and safer.
  3. Treat your tree stand with these tricks:
    After learning about the area it’s crucial to go out and pick a secluded spot. When you find just the right location, practice putting up the stand a few times. This will make the process easier and faster when you arrive for the hunt. However, the most ideal situation is to leave the stand in the tree.
  4. Attract the deer:
    The easiest way to get a deer is for it to find you. If you have an ideal location, no odor and a solid tree stand, the deer just need to come into your area. To do this there are a variety of deer attractants, like deer feeders, deer urine and more. Even with doing this it’s important to be as quiet and discrete as possible.
  5. Standard safety measures:
    The best way to hunt is safely—from tree stands to firearms and everything in between, hunters have to be careful. Three tips to keep in mind are to control the muzzle and point guns in a safe direction, use a full body harness while in the tree stand and approach deer cautiously after it’s been shot.

These five tips will set you up for success while staying safe. Last minute tips when heading out the door are to let someone know your hunting plan, have a phone on silent and always keep your eye on the target. Good luck!

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