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Five Christmas Gifts for the Outdoorsy Person in Your Life

Christmas is coming, which means it’s time to shop for the people you care about most (even if it’s last minute). Pass on the sweater that never leaves the closet or another boring gift card. We have presents that every outdoorsy person in your life will like, from the camper to the survivalist. Even better, these gifts are ones they’ll actually use.

  1. REI Flex Lite Chair
    Comfortable, supportive and lightweight are all essential features to look for when it comes to buying camping gear (especially chairs). Help your outdoor enthusiast take a load off in this sturdy seat that comes in a variety of bold colors. Whether it’s being used for backpacking or chilling at a concert, the Flex Lite chair will not disappoint. 
  2. HYDRA SmartBottle
    Technology has reached the point where even water bottles are smart. The HYDRA Smart Bottle can keep campers hydrated, entertained and safe. When it isn’t being used for drinking it can act as a Bluetooth speaker with speakerphone and a bright red emergency light. How cool?! 
  3. YETI® Roadie Cooler
    The dependable and popular YETI® Roadie Cooler may be the most expensive item on the list, but has proved its worth to consumers. This cooler can handle extremely low temperatures, is very resistant to the outside environment and is even bear proof. This cooler can definitely keep up with the most adventurous lifestyle.
  4. Minipresso GR by WACACO®
    The Minipresso is a gift the coffee loving outdoorsman will like a latte. All you have to do is add hot water and ground coffee beans, then pump and out comes a drink even coffee snobs can appreciate. This compact machine won’t have you skipping quality for space.
  5. Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife
    When there is no room for error and you need to act fast, the Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife is a handy dandy gadget. Use the tool to check vehicle failure, break out after an emergency and in self-defense. It’s skid proof and waterproof, which is crucial during an outdoor emergency.

These five Christmas gifts will keep on giving long after the holidays are over. Not only will you get to hear about the camping and fishing stories, you’ll help make those adventures easier with your gift. Get to hunting, also known as shopping, soon.

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